Finished and Delivered


I burned a lot of the midnight oil but it was totally worth it to pass along this finished yarn at knit night. Seriously, the skeins finished drying in the car and I tied on the labels right before I walked in the yarn shop. Good times. 

The fiber, Chameleon Dyeworks Optim, was given to me spin by a friend at knit night. I picked the Optim over an alpaca blend because I thought it would be easier to spin. Now, I doubt this was the case but foresight is always 20/20. Optim is Merino wool which has been processed to have the look, feel, and behavior of silk. Sometimes, I was able to develop a rhythm and the yards just seemed to fly through my fingers. Other times, I might as well have been trying to draft water but I pulled it off. Finishing these 2 skeins make me feel like I’ve leveled up as a spinner. Now I want to grab the silk and alpaca that have been sitting in my fiber stash because I didn’t have the confidence to turn them into yarn.


The original plan for this yarn was to make a 2-ply, self-striping, fingering weight yarn but the colors just didn’t want to match up. Chain-plying to the rescue. The final result is 2 skeins of fingering/sport weight yarn totaling 545 yards at about 18 wraps per inch.


Oh, can’t forget this cute little test skein. It’s 29 yds of 2-ply goodness.