20 Minutes


People, I have been spinning. At least 20 minutes everyday since the Monday before last and today is Day 11. I haven’t spun with a project in mind or even a plan but I do have a purpose. 

Practice. Learn. Just make yarn.

I’m not worrying about what to make with it or about the yardage I’m adding to my stash on a daily basis. Seriously, I haven’t even decided if I’m going to ply any of it or keep it as singles. I’m just spinning to spin. Building up a little muscle memory doesn’t hurt either.


Can I just say how powerful it is to do something everyday? It hasn’t even been two weeks and my spinning is more consistent and more comfortable. I can set the spindle turning and start drafting fiber. I don’t have to “park and draft” anymore. It was an amazing moment when that switch flipped over in my brain and it still is. I have more rhythm drafting and I’m not always fighting the twist. Less than two weeks and I’ve leveled up. It’s awesome. Makes me want to throw a daily 20 minutes at a few other things I’ve been meaning to get back to. Sketchbook and kettle bells, I’m looking at you. 

So, pick 20 minutes a day to spin, to draw, to knit, to write, to practice, to meditate, to workout even. Do something you’ve always wanted to try or something you want to get back to. Pretty soon, you’ll level up too and you won’t regret it.